Creating a Vocation Cultureat Church

Church is not only a great place to pray, it's a place to learn, grow and be supported by people who care about you! Creating a Vocation Culture at church requires an intentional choice to create an environment that talks about all vocations on a regular basis. This page is dedicated to revealing what this looks like as real people at work to integrate the topic of vocations into the regular church activities.

Go Glow Youth Retreat 2015-06-08

The Vocation Team at St. Joseph Parish in Brantford, Ontario put on this lively retreat where many youth prayed, ate, and had fun learning about their faith and the different vocations.

Vocation Sundays at St. Agatha Parish 2015-04-01

Vocation Sundays are taking off in St. Agatha as families are being invited by members of the Vocation Team to take a more active role in the Sunday Masses and maintian a listening heart.

Vocations Mass 2014 2014-09-22

The Diocese of Hamilton celebrates the annual Vocations Mass at St. Anthony Daniel Parish in Kitchener, Ontario.

St. Joseph's Vocation Team 2014-07-08

Members of the Vocation Team at St. Joseph's Parish in Brantford, ON offer some great insights (and musical talents) that reveal their desire to know and say "yes" to God's plans for them.

Vocation Sunday at St. Francis 2014-05-27

The parishioners of St. Francis Church in Kitchener put on an outstanding "Vocation Sunday" All who came to find out more about a variety of vocations had a great time learning, praying, and finding new ways to listen to God's call for us all.

St. Mary of the Visitation 2014-02-24

It's "Vocation Sunday" at St. Mary of the Visitation Roman Catholic Parish in Hespeler, Ontario! This video reveals some of the vocation-related activity taking place with in this vibrant faith community.

FAQ: "What do "Vocation Teams" do at parishes?"

Vocation Teams are groups of people who help to create a vocation culture at their church. They have passion for the discovery and celebration of all vocations. They work together to infuse vocation-related activities into the church and/or schools in their community. They also serve as a supportive presence to young people who are looking to discover their vocation in a safe and nurturing environment.

FAQ: "Should we be worried about a shortage of Priests and those living Consecrated Life?"

Yes and no. Throughout the history of Christianity God has provided for the needs of the faithful. But to be part of the faithful means that we remain open to the guidance and gifts that God gives us to better live a mission we did not create. Individuals or communities that are not aware of God's invitations or choose to decline or ignore them ought to worry about a shortage of good leadership.  Communities that are vigilant about creating a culture of listening and responding to God's direcition have little to worry about because, like the mother of Jesus, they are always ready to respond with a "yes."