Creating a Vocation Cultureat Home

Our home is easily one of the best places for us to talk about and celebrate vocations. Praying, learning, and exploring vocations in a supportive environment is necessary for healthy discernment. Home is where mothers and fathers have the opportunity to model Married Life for their children.  This is the place where parents can play a key role in helping a child discover God's dream for their life, no matter what it might be. This page is dedicated to encouraging families to pray together and to remain open to the life that each vocation brings.

Five Things a Family Can Do 2015-09-16

The NRVC just released this video to help families take advantage of recent findings that reveal the nurturing environment in which vocations to Consecrated Life and the Priesthood are born.

Married Life at Home 2013-12-01

David and Christina's home is filled with joy as they begin live out the vocation to Married Life.  Even with all the demands that come with being a new father and mother they still find time to pray and reflect on how God is at work in their rela

The Blee Family in Bermuda 2013-12-01

The Blee family let us in on some of the insights they have into married life and being free to find your vocation.  May their joy and wisdom touch your life too.

FAQ: "What if parents don't want their child to consider a particular vocation?"

What God wants and what you want may not always be the same thing.  For example, parents of children entering the seminary or convent often feel sad about their child not having children.  And parents who want their child to enter the seminary or convent may feel sad if they get married.What helps parents through this healthy process of surrendering is the selfless admission that they just want their child to be happy and that in the end we are all children of God.  In an atmosphere of openness and surrendering, parents eventually see the joy that their child's vocation can bring 

and share in this joy themselves.

FAQ: "What are some practical activities I can do with what little time I have?"

Pray as a family before meals and before bedtime.  Pray for the strength to get your family to church once a week.  Educate yourself about vocations and initiate conversations about them with your children.  And try your very best to joyfully model your vocation for others - especially your children.  This may involve making some sacrifices and developing new disciplines but it will be worth it because they will lead to an increased stability in the family and a reduction in the number of poor life choices made along the way.