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Jesus' choosing to sacrifice his life for us is the foundation of Christian marriage.  Like Christ, married couples also choose to give their lives to another to help them draw closer to God. In choosing to love each other for the rest of their lives, husbands and wives provide an unique expression of love that provides much joy and stability during the ups and downs of married life.  Couples profess their vows before a priest and community of faith because they seek to have their marriage blessed by God and supported by their faith community. 

YTOL on Catholic Marriage 2016-01-19

Most of the challenges and the many inspiring responses of those considering Catholic Marriage for today are in this one video.

Marta and Tom on Married Life 2015-11-15

Marta and Tom have two daughters and have these insights to share after living married life for over 6 years.

Andrew and Asia get Married 2015-07-10

Andrew and Asia have been preparing for a while for the "big day."  Enjoy these highlights as God blesses them with so much life, love and joy.

Elisabeth and Remi get Engaged! 2015-01-22

Elisabeth and Remi celebrate the new year in Calgary with a prayerful proposal at Rise Up.  Congratulations!

Michelle and Michael get Married 2014-10-10

Michelle and Michael talk about their experience of being married during highlights of their wedding ceremony which took place at St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church in Waterloo, Ontario.

Joel and Casey's Wedding 2014-03-10

Joel and Casey look back on their wedding day one year later as they offer their support for Casey's brother and fiance who are about to profess their vows.

FAQ: "Why are couples encouraged to wait until they are married before living together?"

The reason for this teaching is based on how Jesus committed himself to us. We believe that he demonstrated his love for us when he gave himself fully and completely for all of humanity by dying on the cross. The Catholic Church uses this commitment as the foundation for the Sacrament of Marriage. Partial, or temporary, commitments (other than dating and/or engagements) are seen as falling short of the ideal and ultimately keep the couple and the faith community from experiencing the deeper form of love that Christ invites us to discover.

FAQ: "Why get married?"

Many happy and fulfilled married couples mention that their faith in God and love for each other helps their relationship to grow.  Being committed to loving each other in the sacrament of Marriage often deepens their experience of joy and renews a sense of confidence in their relationship that is based on humility and God's love for them.  Children also benefit from the love, fidelity, and stability that come from a healthy marriage. Making this public commitment in the presence of God and a priest creates a space in which their relationship can be blessed and receive the love and support of the larger faith community.