Creating a Vocation CultureOnline

Quality online resources continue to grow and explore the topic of vocations. We can now learn from, inspire, and support one another no matter where we live or what time of the day we are surfing the internet. This page is reserved for the best online resources that the Vocation Culture Team can find. By posting links to them we hope to connect you to an online culture that helps vocations to be revealed and celebrated.

YTOL on Married Life 2016-01-19

This video focuses on the common struggles facing those considering marriage in the Catholic Church.  And the responses of these young people are very inspiring!

Women Discerning Religious Life in the U.K. 2015-12-15

These women go through the emotional highs and lows that can happen before considering entry into a Convent.  Their family and friends also experience mixed emotions as they journey with them.

Pro Soccer Player Gets Called to Priesthood 2015-09-14

Soccer or Priesthood?  This is one tough decision for Chase Hilgenbrinck.

A Brief History of Consecrated Life 2015-07-03

Produced by Vision - a publiction of the National Religious Vocation Conference, this video takes a look at 2000 years of consecrated life.  A great resource for this vocaiton and professionally crafted.

Salt and Light Television celebrates Year of Consecrated Life 2015-02-22

Salt and Light Television offers this exceptional video to celebrate and promote Consecrated Life.

Fr. Dave Walter`s Vocation Story 2014-05-15

Recently ordianed for the Diocese of Hamilton, Fr. Dave Walter shares some of the stories that lead him to consider  diocesan priesthood and seek the affirmation of the lay people who, over time, called forth his gifts for service in the Church.

FAQ: "How can I help create a Vocation Culture online?"

Simple.  Just contact us with links to materials you feel are appropriate for this website and we will bring them to the team for approval.  If they are approved we will post them on the appropriate page.  Thank you for any assistance you may choose to offer.

FAQ: "How do these materials get selected?"

The Vocation Culture Team is made up of people from all 5 vocations who have gone through the top level of screening at their respective churches and/or schools.  They share information they find on various websites and blogs that they feel are in line with of our faith, inspiring, and help to the creation of a vocation culture. We all know that there is too much unhealthy material online so they work to bring the best of the good vocation-related materials to so that views on heathier materials may continue to increase online.