Creating a Vocation CultureSecondary School

Secondary Schools are a great place to learn, pray, and talk about different vocations.  It's a time in our lives when we can begin to enter into healthy discernment of God's plan through practicing our faith, taking time to meditate, dive into social justice, making faith-based decisions about the future of our lives.  

Youth Speak Up About Catholic Ed 2017-12-12

Students speak up at a recent Institute for Catholic Education (I.C.E.) symposium on Catholic Education in Ontario entitled "Renewing the Promise."

People of Love Retreat 2016-06-02

These students came to the Working Centre to learn about outreach in their own back yard.  Enjoy some amazing insights!  

Year of Mercy Youth Rally 2016-06-02

Over 400 students gather at Camp Brebeuf in Rockwood, Ontario.

Our Lady of Lourdes Students Talk Vocations 2016-03-03

These students have learned much in the area of vocatoins and have some great insights to share about the topic of vocations.

Projects from the Past 2016-03-03

This group of students at Resurrection High School in Kitchener, Ontario wants to raise 10,000 dollars to build a library for students in Haiti that do not have one. 

March for Life 2016-03-03

Advocacy is an important part of our call to love. Often times it is in speaking our truth with love that we grow in self awarness and how God is calling forth our gifts in a particualar way. Join us as we March for Life in Ottawa!

FAQ: "What is the best age to start thinking about my vocation?"

It really depends on your readiness to think seriously about your possibilities and the direction that your deepest desires are leading you in. There is no magic age when this happens but it tends to happen more often when we approach times of transition and are more in touch with our desire to experience "something more." 

FAQ: "What is the difference between a "calling" and having the "drive" to follow it?"

Say you find yourself one day in the audience of a wonderful play. You may be drawn to something you see or hear. A character may ask for a volunteer and you know you would love to be on stage but hesitate because you are nervous. That invitation is like a "call" to love in a particular vocation.

When we decide to walk up on that stage we respond to a desire from within to take a risk and discover what our presence on stage might bring. That is like responding to our "drive" from within.