Creating a Vocation CultureSingle Life

Single Life is call to love that is rooted in the prayer life of a single person and the sacrifices they choose to make to offer their gifts to others. Single Life can be lived out in any profession and often includes some form of teaching, mission work, parish ministry, or work in a charitable organization. A deeply felt sense of peace and fulfillment is often experienced by those living out this vocation as they experience God working through them to transform the world for the better. Their greatest source of joy comes from relationships that grow from loving God, family, friends, and neighbour.  As in other vocations, discernment is always ongoing.

Ruthann Celebrates 25 Years of Service! 2015-08-15

Finding Joy in her Vocation to the Single Life, Ruthann Fisher celebrates 25 years of service as the Pastoral Assistant at St. Francis Parish in Kitchener, Ontario.  Congratulations Ruthann!

Lisa's vocation to the Single Life 2014-03-10

Lisa talks about how God lead her to love as a teacher and the many joys her vocation brings to her life and the lives of those she teaches.

Scott's Vocation to Single Life 2015-01-23

Scott speaks at a youth retreat held at St. Pius X parish in Brantford, Ontario.  Hi describes the joys and challenges that he has found in living the vocation to the Single Life.

Thank God I'm Single by Lino Rulli 2013-12-05

"Our Father's Will" produced this video which gives a humorous and real intorduction to the Single Life as a Vocation.  

Lois Peterson Touching Lives and Hearts 2013-11-21

The vocation to Single Life is a great way to touch the lives and hearts of others in so many ways. Those choosing this vocation find joy and a deeply felt sense of peace and fulfillment. In this video Lois Peterson joyfully lives out the Vocation to t

FAQ: "Don't people living out the vocation to Single Life get lonely?"

Yes, but this is true for every vocation. And everyone has his or her own way of dealing with these moments. The normal ways of entering into relationships with others and finding time to bring the experience of loneliness to one's prayer life seems to help and give meaning to being lonely. Those living Single Life often find joy and integration through their connections with people at their homes, work, church, and many other places where they help build a sense of community. And it is not uncommon that they find a deep sense of purpose and belonging in the professions and volunteer work that they are committed to.

FAQ: "Is this a "default" vocation?"

Not in the least.  Many people prayerfully discover that God is calling them to this form of life in which they use their gifts and a certain freedom that comes with being single.  Some people feel called to go on a mission trip to another country while others find a perfect fit for their gifts closer to home.  It's really up to the desires of the individual and what resonates from their relationship with God and others who help guide them to love in very life-giving ways.