Vocation Teams

Vocation Teams are made up of people who have a passion for creating a vocation culture.  They try to help others to discover what God is calling them to by making vocation-related materials and activities more accessable in homes, schools, and churches.  Please contact Fr. Toby Collins, CR (below) if you would like to join or create a team in your area.

Vocations Teams Meet in 2016 2016-03-12

Vocation Teams meet to pray together and share ideas that are working to create a vocation culture at the parishes where Resurrectionists minister at and beyond.

Go Glow Youth Retreat 2015-06-08

The Vocation Team at St. Joseph Parish in Brantford, Ontario put on this retreat where many youth came to pray, eat and have fun learning about their faith and different vocations.

Vocation Sundays at St. Agatha Parish 2015-04-01

Vocation Sundays are taking off in St. Agatha as families are being invited by members of the Vocation Team to take a more active role in the Sunday Masses and maintian a listening heart.

St. Joseph's Vocation Team 2014-07-08

Members of the Vocation Team at St. Joseph's Parish in Brantford, ON offer some great insights (and musical talents) that reveal their desire to know and say "yes" to God's plans for them.

First Vocation Sunday! 2014-05-16

The parishioners of St. Francis Church in Kitchener put on an outstanding "Vocation Sunday" All who came to find out more about a variety of vocations had a great time learning, praying, and finding new ways to listen to God's call for us all.

Vocation Team Meeting 2014 2014-05-10

Members of various Vocation Teams at met at Resurrection College in Waterloo, Ontario in early May of 2014. We discussed the importance of creating a Vocation Culture in the parishes we are from and prayed that the Holy Spirit help us to move forward.<

Fr. Toby Collins, CR is a Resurrectionist Priest who helped create this website and form the Vocation Culture Crew. You can follow him on Twitter or send him an e-mail. He would love to hear from you and can put you in contact with anyone on the Vocation Culture Crew at your request.